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With the total area about 2.5 hectares, VILLA H2O is only 18 kilometers far from the Ho Chi Minh city center and it takes you 10 minutes from Thu Dau Mot_Binh Duong Township as well as Quang Trung Software Park, Hiep Phu Metro Supermarket, Heineken Beer Factory _district 12. VILLA H2O resort is an ideal place to meet friends, to accompany family coming here for resting and fostering one’s health, to relax and to enjoy Vietnam-Europe dishes of Special Food any time in week. The resort is still a place where companies might organize the reception banquet, customer conference, training staffs, introducing products.

Towards to travelers from everywhere, in time coming in VILLA H2O, you will experience the enjoyable spent time about the specific alive space of Vietnam Southern people together with uncountable amount of the familiar sounds such as the hammock voice to sway repeatedly in side of fished watch-tower, the fish voices biting the water shadow on the lake surface, and again, the familiar images belong to somewhere in your memory like the shinny dipper crossing gourd water jar, the musty cart carriage of the space color, fishing net hovering touch the pond, three-compartment ancient houses with two familiar roofs from the ancestor time. All these will bring your childhood memories to return with the multiple colors, the tastes, the sounds and the images. Besides the charming scenery, those are lots of entertainment services helping your holiday more cheery and not easy to forget like Fishing, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball in beach, Karaoke, Rowing, etc.

And over all, we are always ready to welcome you by all hospitable hearts of the Vietnam Southern inhabitants.

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